Saturday, October 06, 2007

Top Ten Reasons I MUST Move Out

10. The mysterious disappearance of belongings--anything from catalogues to clothes could be hanging in plain view one minute and never to be seen again the next.

9. The "food" problem--I may take advantage of a home cooked meal every now and again, like everyone else, but after spending fifty dollars on my own grocieries only to find them incorporated into that meal when my ultimate goal is to cook for my own needs is rather self-defeating (and poverty inducing).

8. The fact that my room is a general dumping zone for every other family member's unidentified and unclaimed belongings even though it's general area is about ten feet by ten feet.

7. The time frame anything I want to watch is actually being displayed on the TV screen is limited to when no one else is around.

6. Heating, during the winter months, is apparently not necessary overnight, even if my room is right over the garage and poorly insulated.

5. Phoebe, my mother's cat, is being driven farther and farther into cat psychosis due to the general molestation by my cats "in residence."

4. Visits home by my sister require a constant compromise of car transportation, regardless of the fact that I work eight hours a day full time.

3. If I am switching cars with other family members, and sometimes several times over a short span of days, I will inevitably have to fill up the gas tank in every new car I get into.

2. Reminiscent of my late teen years, my father remains in a semi-awake state for how every many hours I am out at night in order to more effectively demand to know where I went and who I was with when I return home.

You know, I don't think there is any number one reason. Perhaps "personal desperation" should be it. Back to job searching.


M@ said...

Oh, my god. I was wondering what horrible family you must live with until it dawned on me that it is your own!

You must find some job and escape soon, though I'm very picky, too.

Stacey said...

You must have nerves of steel. There is no way I could move back home. I believe it would be the death of me!

ellesappelle said...

That is a terrifying list; I identify especially with the compromise of car one.