Friday, March 17, 2006

Let's Play A Game....

Ok, I was surfing around other blogs, and I saw this idea come up--then I was inspired to go visit a tarot card reading site, and I thought, let's combine the two activities into one.

How to play the game:

Put your music list on "shuffle" (no cheating, damnit).

Read each premise below and think about the song that the computer selected in relationship to it.

Now, to make this more interesting (the blogger had picked out random questions about life--the kind of stuff you ask a Ouija Board), we're going to combine this with two traditional tarot spreads.

Spread One: Celtic Cross
How to use it: Any general life situation.

Directions: Think of something going on in your life. This spread will go through the steps of analyzing it for you; however instead of cards, you get to use your own music.

Here, I'll do my own as a demonstration....

My life situation: Wouldn't you like to know.

1. What best illustrates me? (your divination card)
"What's Up" by 4 Non-Blondes (well other than the 25 years thing...)

2. What is the atmosphere surrounding this issue?
"Just Push Play" by Aerosmith (hmmm....well, if they're going to bleep it anyway)

3. What is the main obstacle in the way in this situation?
"Trouble" by the Indigo Girls (given it's an obstacle, I can't think of anything more appropriate)

4. What is the goal I can hope for without changing my priorities?
"Get Back" by the Beatles (at least I am not a man who thinks I am a woman)

5. What is the foundation of the situation?
"Follow Through" by Gavin De Graw (excellent, spot on there)

6. What is a passing influence in this situation, something to be released?
"The Best Is Yet To Come" by Frank Sinatra (so, I have to give up my plumb?!)

7. What is an approaching influence in this situation, something to be embraced?
"To Be With You" by Mr. Big (he, he, if only....)

8. What is my role or attitude in this/to this situation?
"Bad Day" by Daniel Powter (that isn't so wrong, either, come to think of it...)

9. What is your environment in this situation, including the people you are interacting with?"Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" by Billy Joel (ok, getting creepy, sort of...)

10. What are your hopes or fears, or an unexpected element that will be thrown in the mix in this situation?"Nuthin' But a G Thang" by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg (well, this just broke the trend)

11. What is the ultimate outcome of this situation?
"A Message" by Coldplay (no

Ok, now that I am sufficiently freaked out, here is spread two for you to try.

Spread Two: Relationship Spread
How to use it: Any relationship with anyone and your interaction thereof.

For me, I'll just go with something from a long time ago and see if this interprets it right.

1. Your song (your divination card again)
"The Summer Wind" by Frank Sinatra (hmmm...Frank, where is this going?)

2. How you see yourself in this relationship?
"Tabhair dom do Lamh (trans.: Give Me Your Hand)" by the Chieftains (not bad...)

3. How you see the other person/people involved?
"Daylight" by Coldplay (Ok, that may make a little sense there)

4. How you feel about the other person/people involved?
"Love Rollercoaster" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (I think that classifies anything along these lines anyway)

5. What stands between you and the other person/people?
"Bigger Than My Body" by John Mayer (ambition? Hmmm...maybe in that situation)

6. How the other person/people see you?
"The Fool on the Hill" by Paul McCartney (oh, gee, thanks a lot--dumbass)

7. What the other person/people feel about you?
"Wedding Bell Blues" by the Fifth Dimension (!!!!)

8. What is the challenge of the relationship?
"Breathe (2 AM)" by Anna Nalick (perhaps not so far off...)

So, people, give it a try--let me know how it turns out...


Encarna said...

Fucking hilarious....!!!! I refuse to believe u took as long as a whole song, in order to answer each question though. There's another version of this game btw & me & my friends use to play it till not too long back on long ask a question (eg..what's her current sex life really like..) & the answer was supposed to be indicated by the song playing on the radio (answer:Norwegian Wood :0)& then ask a new question for a new person & change the radio station for a new answer. Good fun. I used to look for answers in books too at ask a question & open anybook, any page & blindly put ur finder on the word & that's supposed to be the answer!
They all work long as I don't have to decide on life threatening things, I'm cool...& u're hilarious!

Evangelist said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a post.

Come again.

slskenyon said...

I don't think the above poster thought he was going to find a left-wing lesbian music listener here.

Ben said...

Hi Slskenyon

THNX for stopping by the other day!

Here's something that I have done and like: When you have created some art (as in painting, writing, whatever), draw a Tarot card to go with it. Can be quite enlightening.

slskenyon said...

That is a cool concept--I do more writing as a form of art for me--but I would love to try it. I love finding new premises to use in creations like that. Thanks for the suggestion!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try this game!

Thanks for visiting my blog... know any coffee shop workers, by chance?

Tracy said...

This is a brilliant idea! I often open books at random, and am always blown away by the synchronicity. Looking forward to trying this...sounds like fun :)