Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dumb Ideas

Have you ever watched a really bad commercial and thought--hey, I could think of something better than that. Better still, you come up with a more brilliant idea after the commercial is over that could make up for the broadcasted one's lack of quality?

Well, guess what? Someone with less intelligence than you got paid for that stupid idea, and you didn't.

It's the same with greeting cards. You pick one up in a local stationary store, or, if you're an American, a Hallmark, and you read something with a cartoon cat on the front that says inside "Hope you have a purrrfect birthday," or something equally ridiculous.

Yes, again, someone with an IQ less than yours got the bucks for that brilliant piece of classic verse poetry.

So, in the spirit of this theory, homeless people must be the most brilliant people of all, or at least people in abject poverty.

Hey, what more do you expect from a first post on this?


pilgrimprincess said...

I expected brilliance & recieved it. You were meant to blog. I look forward to seeing your mind @ work on the net.

Anonymous said...

This is Jimbabwe, but I don't have a profile.
My favorite commercial is for something called "Urine Gone." It's designed to clean up urine and other fluid stains on carpets. The ad claims that "Urine Gone" "has a powerful appetite for urine." I can't believe that someone equated cleaning urine to eating. More importantly, there were other ideas that were deemed less worthy before this one was chosen. It makes me cry a little on the inside. But then I laugh, because if you ordered early, you got a free blacklight to check for hidden fluid stains, and the commercial had a woman using the blacklight on her bed. Sad but funny.

Anonymous said...

now i know you have too much time on your hands... get drinking on that beer list girl.

Anonymous said...

Jim, Sorry to hear the commercial makes you cry inside.... just remember when the tears flow that an appetite is nothing more than a craving. You can have an appetite for work.. for sex.. for food... and evidently for urine too. Do you think maybe the woman in the commercial might have been checking her child's bed with the blacklight rather than her own?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I like to think that the woman in the commercial is checking her own bed because she thinks her husband is cheating on her.

Anonymous said...

But then that would be another product for sale called "Semen Gone" with a powerful appetite for semen. But not to worry Jim, it's not eating if you don't swallow. :)