Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hazardous Ads on Wheels

A nameless carpet cleaning business has a new commercial featuring a distraught employee weeping over a discarded, soiled carpet he could have "saved." I will never use this nameless carpet cleaning business for any of my upholstery-cleaning needs, and it isn't because the commercial is ridiculous.

About three years ago, I was on my way to work. I was nearly there, driving in the right of two lanes. I put on my directional, indicating that I would be taking a right onto the next exit. As I turned the wheel in the direction of the ramp, a yellow blur whizzed by me, obviously eager to get to the exit before I did. I slammed on my brakes. Hard. I could feel the brake pad desperately grasp the axle, unable to stop my car immediately. The car swerved with the sudden shock. I was terrified--the guardrail was about a meter away.

The culprit? A van from this carpet cleaning business.

From that point forward, I decided that if that business was going to hire that kind of an idiot, I didn't want that same brand of idiot with the fate of my carpets in his hands.

I don't think that businesses realize just how badly their incompetent drivers may actually hurt their bottom lines, especially local businesses. If you were run down on a local road by a jerk in a truck with a logo on it, I'll bet you made a note of that logo and that company. You may not have remembered it right away, but when a job came up, like mowing your lawn, taking care of your hot water heater, or hauling away an old car, if that same logo came up as one of the possible businesses that could help you, I'd bet you didn't call them.

Perhaps businesses should realize that their cars and trucks, proudly painted with their names and contact information, are an advertisement--good or bad. And assholes shouldn't be in control of those ads.


It's Me! said...

That's terrifying!
You bet I wouldn't ever hire them! I'm always tempted to call these companies and complain about the incident...but I never do. Despite being terrified and furious at someone's hazardous driving, I would feel bad for someone possibly getting fired. Way too soft.

Jenny said...


Meg said...

I totally get that. I would boycott them, too. I've boycotted companies because of bad experiences with one representative. My thoughts are the same. If they'd hire that kind of idiot, are they really going to be a good business to trust?

Constructive Attitude said...

I completely and totally agree. I wish you could have gotten their number and complained.

Ulrike said...

My sentiments precisely.

Lana Gramlich said...

I agree with you completely. Sometimes I'll even contact the company, so they KNOW about their idiot driver & that they've lost me as a customer because of it!