Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Todays News

Mississippi has officially won the distinction of being the fattest state in the USA. The tidbit of information that officially surprised me the most involved the existence of fried pickles, and the fact that this was actually considered "food".

In an effort to reduce diaper use, some parents are participating in a "diaper free" movement. This apparently means that parents teach their children the art of body language to signal the need to relieve themselves. One woman said she had to explain away a lot of odd looks in a public restroom when she was holding her daughter over a sink so she could relieve herself. Perhaps these onlookers were more concerned about the fact that, in a room full of toilets, she chose the basin in which patrons attempt to cleanse themselves of the possible ill-effects of having used a public facility.

About time, huh? This kid finally hacked the iPhone off of the poorly reputed AT & T network. He then apparently sold the model for a car. As for me, I would have held out for more.

Amy Winehouse's father-in-law is calling for a boycott of her recordings until she and her husband seek help. Her daddy may think she's fine, but there's more than one opinion that counts.

In an attempt to lure men to a health food website, the link advertised "what all men should eat" in such a way as to imply the same thing that everyone from hair dye companies to cigarette makers do--"you'll get laid if you (insert action here relating to product)." It turns out that men should be eating pretty much what everyone else is eating to be healthy. Yey food pyramid.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Time for the state to slim down.

Jule said...

I would have definitely held out for more than a stupid car as well but... he's a BOY. Need I say more?

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm glad at least someone is reading it. I have been so bad about posting since I had the wee babe.

captain corky said...

Kentucky's pretty fat too, and pot is the number 1 cash crop. I love it here.

halfmath said...

That was quite the string of ridiculous events! Except the "you'll get laid if you _____" story. That's not ridiculous at all. That's essential, and I plan on eating as many pyramids as I can.

ellesappelle said...

Re the nappy-free babies: oh no. Poor, poor children. I suppose they're breastfed until age seven as well?