Thursday, March 29, 2007

Then, Then and Now

It's March--or it will be for another few days. For some reason, this prompted me to think in a "where we are now" fashion.

Age: 2005: 25
2006: 26
2007: 27

Corresponding Cards: (to find the cards that correspond to your years, simply add the digets in your birthday together for the year in question--for example, if your birthday is the 21st of March and you wanted to find your card for this year, you would add 3+2+1+2+0+0+7 to 15, then add 1+5 to 6, working your way down to a single diget number with the exception of 10 in even years--and check the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck).

2005: The Hermit IX meaning prudence in some cases, but also corruption, roguery, dissemination, concealment and fear.
Accurate? Yes.

2006: The Wheel of Fortune X meaning good fortune, success, and increase.
Accurate? Yes, if the year is viewed as a whole.

2007: The High Priestess II--which is actually my "card", so that has added significance.
Basically, it is one of the few in the cycle that can really be read to be my year in that things should come together somehow to achieve a personal goal. The card itself has an element of mystery and combines both wisdom and passion.
Accurate? Let's hope.

Relationship Status:
2005: Living with long term boyfriend. That relationship would end in the middle of April.

2006: Nothing in March--living in York at University with mostly younger students and no tangible dating prospects.

2007: We're working on that ;-).

Where Living?:
2005: Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
2006: York, United Kingdom
2007: Saunderstown, RI/Plymouth, Massachusetts/anywhere else I travel

2005: About to restart as a Colonial Interpeter at Plimoth Plantation on the Mayflower II full time.

2006: Full time student finishing my second term at the University of York

2007: Putting together a fundraising film at Plimoth Plantation and job searching.

Farseeing Goals:
2005: Get into graduate school.
2006: Get out of graduate school.
2007: Get a job with a living wage.

And now for something completely different:

Ahhh...sun, lovely water, beautiful, vivid colors--who could ask for anything more? Well, at the time, I certainly could have. These were taken on the south side of Newport, RI in February when it was about 10 degrees out with a wind chill of about -17. I think I managed to stand there and snap five or six shots before I ran for the car.


anonymous jones said...

Are they with a camera-phone? What mega-pixel? (Very nice!)

v. said...

Hi - thanks for commenting on my blog :) I must say I really enjoyed reading through your personal ads - and the rest of your blogs. But the personals - well, they're personal, and that makes them really good. Keep it up!

BionicBuddha said...

Great idea for reflection! Usually I do these things only once a year, but I think it is worthwhile to reflect much more frequently. I must make a note to do that soon...or at least before December 31 ;)

Good luck with the goals and I am eagerly awaiting to hear about your progress!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Your three year review was good. Hope the cards are good for next year.

dive said...

Beautiful photographs, S.
Good luck with the job search, and especially with the relationship! said...


I was passing by and your site caught my eye :O)

Nice blog !

See you,


Ayman said...

The cards might be a fraud... Double check them.

Matt said...

I don't know anything about Chinese Histrionics but, as far as I can tell, 2007 is the Year of the Matt.

Good things are coming my way.

Peace out.

Passionate Eater said...

No matter the number, I forsee that this will be an amazing year! And I agree with the praise for your pictures, they are astonishingly beautiful!