Sunday, February 25, 2007


You notice very mundane things when you're out of work and have been for some time.
  • A day encompasses a lot of time.
  • Thinking too much becomes an understatement.
  • So much time, so little to do, and yet, nothing gets accomplished.

My most recent jobs completed:

  • I purchased a new laptop. My theory regarding Dell computers, given I have owned a number of them in my time, is that they are made very much like cars that have a four-year warranty--to start to break down after about a year and a half. My Dell laptop slowed to such a crawl recently that it was impossible to restart the computer in less than ten minutes (that is no exaggeration). After consulting Consumer Reports, I decided to go with HP this time. So far, so good.
  • Of course, the new purchase meant that I had to transfer all of my files, pictures, documents, and more to this computer, which has taken hours, but far less memory.

Last night, before I actually fell asleep, I picked up The Four Agreements again. In the case of any book with some wisdom to share or some insight to give, I always find myself reading it straight through first, and then, later on, rereading relevent bits and pieces of it. This time, I found myself going back over the section regarding making assumptions. When you're stuck with your own company a lot and little more than that to focus on, it is easy to completely dream up scenarios and explanations in one's head regarding anything from momentary glances to convoluted situations. I think I have found myself doing that most often when I disbelieve that I will receive closure any other way. At least if I "explained" it to myself in my head, then, I could create some scenario where I wasn't to blame or where things came out right in the end. I don't think I have ever once really "accepted" something if there was a missing piece or if the puzzle was hopelessly incomplete.

On a less deep note:

Bad Movie for this evening: "Cutthroat Island". A horrible pirate epic starring Geena Davis. Who cares? Ships, lots of gunfire, tropical locals, even a monkey called King Charles. How can you possily go wrong.

Recent Good Movie choice: "Dances With Wolves". Yeah, yeah, Kevin Costner--I'm sure he has a hate-site out there somewhere. However, the scene was captivating--and truly the only time I can say I have ever thought as much about the American Plains. The self-discovery theme was extremely well developed, and the incorporation of Native American culture (Sioux in this case) was as much an incredible experience as an educational one. There are scenes in that movie that I will never forget and I know will touch me. It's the type of movie that, although long, deserves one's full attention, and at least in my case, I came out of it knowing that enough of it will stay with me that another viewing will not be necessary to refresh my memory so much as it would be to enjoy the film again.

Ugh, exhausted, and back is hurting. How is everyone out there?


Divã de Noiva said...

Hi, passando para conhecer!!!

the superstar said...

i watched walk the line for the third time tonight. there are certain parts of the movie that have made me cry every time... and certain parts surprise me every time. i love that about it... depending on what i'm feeling and my current perceptions, something completely new jumps out at me every time i see it. i love a good movie like that.

Matt said...

We will always be brothers.

Divã de Noiva said...

I liked it its blog! Good week!

ellesappelle said...

My brother works for Dell, but he didn't want me to get a Dell laptop, because he knew that whenever something went wrong, he'd have to organise someone to help me! :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Cutthroat Island isn't exactly Oacar material.