Saturday, April 29, 2006

"My Kitties" Number One: Anne

I was cleaning up my room, and I realized how much I missed my kitties.
I thought I might introduce them to you.

This is Anne

is one of three kittens I picked up in October 2003. Anne apparently looks the most like "mom" who was ferrul and living in Little Compton, RI. A curator at a historic home in that rather deserted part of the state found three of the four in the litter and took them into her own apartment, already inhabited by two older cats, one of which developed a "stress disorder" having to deal with the new "children."

Anne has two sisters, Charlotte and Emily. She tends to communicate her desires vocally, and she has a different tone for "I want this" and "No, mom, I didn't do anything wrong, really..." She frequently teases Phoebe, my mother's cat; however this recently resulted in several cuts on her nose and the subsequent decision to cool it for a little while or enlist her sisters as reinforcements. She usually figures out when I am about to go to bed and stakes her claim on the foot of it before anyone else can.

Here, she is in one of her more well-behaved states. I would like to mention that after she woke up from this particular nap, she cornered Phoebe under a wheeled footrest with Charlotte and then went outside and refused to come in until about 2 am. Lesson: Don't be fooled by the innocent "nap state." Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

What a (seemingly) sweet kitty! I love that she 'stakes her claim' when it is bedtime. Cute.

slskenyon said...

She is sweet--a split personality as it were. She loves my father, she will lie on the floor, belly-up in the ultimate form of cat bliss. When she wants attention, she jumps up for it and will attack your hands until you pet her--and no amount of petting is satisfactory.

How I miss my Anne....;-).

Lynn said...

Well, Anne certainly had me fooled, I looked at the photo & thought how gorgeous, cuddly & sweet she looked ... and then read on!

slskenyon said...

Yes, she "looks" so sweet....

She is my "mischievous child" whereas Charlotte is my "problem child."

SoulSlave said...

Aww, how adorable! And isn't it amazing how they all have their different personalities. Very cute photo :)

Anonymous said...

Your Anne is like my Cocheeze (yes, it is spelled like cheese, with a 'z', and not like the Indian warrior Cochise), but she is only in love with my husband... prefers his company and cuddle to mine in a very obvious manner (she has nipped me ever-so-softly when I touch while she is enjoying his attention). The funny part of this is; that cat was a gift from a friend who was a groundskeeper in a park -- he found her alone and brought her to me. The vet said her eyes had only been open all of 3 days at that point, and I had to feed her formula with an eye dropper... AND I had her for 7+ years before meeting my husband.


Thank God for [my other cat] Stella!!!!

Liza said...

Hm. When I lived in Manitou Springs, Colorado, last year, (I feel inordinately comma-ey right now) my roommate had a black cat named Draco. He liked me better, and usually slept with me at night. One time he caught a bird and brought it in the house, and it got under the stove. That was tricky. Also there was a time he put a huge, dying grasshopper in my bed.

Thanks for stopping over, friend. Good to meet you.

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